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What are the best mods for Mass Effect 2/3?

I'm considering going back to replay (at least the second and third chapters of) Mass Effect, but this time on PC. I'd really like to maximize the quality of gameplay this time around- are there specific mods that people have used that really improved the experience for them? Anything from textures, to additional outfits, to control tweaks- what have you particularly enjoyed?
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I can't answer your question specifically, since I play on a console, but I hate to leave a fellow N7 hanging. I ran across this tumblr post a while back, and it seems to have a decent rundown on some mods for all 3 games: Mass Effect Mods. You might also try poking around at Mass Effect 3 Nexus Mods. (If you go to the nexus homepage and look at their list of games, you'll see there are many for ME3 and only a few for the other two games.) The nexus also has a forum to discuss modding -- maybe the folks there will have more in-depth advice?

I should go.
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