What are your favorite temp/staffing agencies in NYC or NJ?
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Hey MeFi. Had a great experience at a temp or staffing agency in NYC or NJ? Please tell me about it.

I'm a recent grad living in NJ, within commuting distance of NYC. I'm still looking for my first entry-level position, but I've also been looking for alternative "make some cash" employment for a while now. Local retail outfits, supermarkets, cafes, people who posted jobs on Craigslist, etc. don't call me back. The NYC temp agencies I've spoken to have either told me I'm overqualified for the sorts of receptionist/admin positions they have, or they've told me that I live too far away. I'd honestly be happy to take on any sort of position, and it's simple for me to get into NYC (my folks have been commuting into NYC for work for the past twenty years without a problem).

I've gotten great scores on the tests I've been given by temp agencies so far (typing, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, proofreading, etc.). My resume and cover letter writing skills were okayed by several career counselors at my university. I've read through all of the NYC-related temp agency AskMes I could find, and applied to all of the still-extant temp agencies that were mentioned. I'm hoping for new leads, or advice relating to those old leads.

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I had great experiences and several good placements with Bryant Staffing in central NJ, but that was before the economy tanked (and before so many of the pharma companies had fled), so I'm not sure what positions they're able to offer now.
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Ditto lying about your address. Use an NYC friend's place on your resume.

I had decent luck with Atrium staffing, though that was back in 2008. There was a program where you could show up at the office early in the morning and they'd dispatch you to last minute jobs. It was a great way to build trust -- I did that a couple times and eventually got placed in a long-term gig.

If you're personable, I seriously advise dressing up* and stopping by some offices to "schedule an appointment." Demanding to be seen on-the-spot is rude, but inquiring about scheduling an appointment in-person shows you're serious.

Good luck!

*a tad, that is. do not wear a suit OMG
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