Listening to Oregon Ducks play the Michigan State Spartans on road trip?
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I will be driving between approximately Chico, CA and Los Angeles, CA during the afternoon of Saturday, September 6th and I would like to listen to the Oregon Ducks football game against the Michigan State Spartans on either the radio or on my iPhone.

It does not appear that any stations in California are members of the Oregon Sports Net nor the Spartan Sports Network. It doesn't look like the game will be on ESPN Radio and I can't seem to find out if CBS Sports Radio will broadcast it either. The Ducks schedule implies that I can listen to the game live via the tunein app, but I worry about licensing issues and weather or not the stream will actually work live (and depending on my location...) Does anyone know if any other national broadcast network will play the game on the radio and where I could find a list of stations between Chico and LA that would be members of that network, or does anyone know if the iPhone streaming options will work or of any other streaming options?
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You should be able to listen on the TuneIn app - they're partnered with the PAC-12, among other conferences.
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TuneIn claims they'll broadcast the game (listed on the third page of "Events").
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I've listened to a lot of Duck games on TuneIn while out-of-state without issue. When tuning in, I don't believe there's any kind of location checking for availability.
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Response by poster: Well, I'll just hope TuneIn works for me but just in case, does anyone know radio stations on my route that will be playing the game?
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TuneIn works for me for the Spartans games I can't pick up on TV. If you can't find the Ducks stream, check the Spartan Sports Network instead.
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