Easy and affordable way to install and play Medieval Total War on a Mac?
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I wanted to install the game as a surprise for my husband. Neither of us are gamers or especially computer-literate. He just has an obsession with this game and we hate to buy a PC just for this!

I used these instructions
http://paulthetall.com/medieval-2-total-war-mac/, bought the Gamer's Gate version of the game, and completed installation. Seemed like everything went ok but I'm not able to launch from any of the desktop icons it created; seems like they are just images.

I'll happily try another way completely, or if you can tell me how to fix the problem within Paul the Tall's method it would be most welcome.
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You might have better luck just running it in Bootcamp instead of a wrapper. I play Skyrim in a CIDER wrapper, but once I gave bootcamp a try I play quite a few PC only games there now.
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I use these instructions to install Windows to a bootcamp partition but then access it within OSX without rebooting. I also use these instructions to install the latest version of Windows for a legal 90-day trial, which is renewable three more times, to equal (nearly) a year.
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The desktop icons may actually be installation remnants. Have you tried opening the application directly from Applications in Finder?
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Have you tried Wineskin?
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Wine (and crossover) are not good and won't provide a fun experience. You're better off getting him a windows license that he can dual boot with bootcamp.
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As a datapoint, even after the registration period, Win7 will continue to run and booting in to play this one game will work indefinitely.
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You could download the free VirtualBox and install a software Windows system.
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