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I've recently been involved in working on a project that includes an assessment tool, essentially a questionnaire created in Moodle. The client is having difficulty seeing past the bleakness of the pages without in graphical content so I'm now looking for a Moodle/Web designer. How can I find someone to work with me on this?

We don't have a huge budget (although we do have some money) but a simple Google search doesn't come up with anything appealing at all. As far as I know, this can just be done with HTML and CSS but I can't find any examples of pretty Moodle forms anywhere. Is this even possible?

Thanks in advance.
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I don't know anything about Moodle. Is it possible to recreate the questionnaire with It shouldn't take long and they have some templates.
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Moodle's CSS is controlled by the theme. Some Moodle admins restrict their faculty to the official theme. If that's the case, you'll be pretty restricted in what you can do. If the admin lets faculty choose their own theme, then you should get a few choices depending on what they have installed. In Moodle 2.7, the More theme gives you a nice responsive base theme that you can use to get started.

Depending on what module you are using to build the assessment, you may be able to add some images or whatnot to make it a little less bleak.
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Thanks guys. SurveyMonkey won't work in this instance as we'll need to display the results in real time. The tool itself has already been created and is working as it should but neither myself or the admin are designers so we need to pay someone to do it - just sticking a few pretty picture on it won't work in this instance. Should we be looking for a dedicated Moodle theme designer rather than a generic web designer? The existing themes that we've tried in 2.5 don't seem suitable and we're not upgrading for a few months, for various reasons. Companies that offer this service seem to be very pricey and whatever we end up with will only apply to a few pages.
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A good web designer competent in CSS should be able to style the heck out of Clean. (I'm pretty sure 2.5 has Clean...) One might even be able to get away with just putting additional CSS in the theme settings.
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