Buying & shipping service in Marrakech
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There is a perfume called 'Fes, Jardin d'epices' which is beloved of my beloved. The perfumer is in Marrakech, and does not ship. Does anyone know of any service where someone in Marrakech would buy & post items to the UK?
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Here's what I'd do. Find a Moroccan restaurant near where you live (if you're not in a major city, this might require some travel). Go to that restaurant 2-3 times until you're a recognizable regular (not a painful thing, given that the cuisine is delicious). And ask the owner/waiter/whoever seems friendliest if they know anyone there who can send you your favorite perfume, for pay.

You can likely find a terribly official shipping service, but it will be very very expensive. But everyday Moroccans are mostly friendly and helpful, and could likely use an extra $20.
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Post it to jobs and someone located there might take you up on it.
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Apparently they're working with a French perfume shop in Royan called "Les cocottes". Perhaps you could drop them a mail to see if they can help.
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You can buy it online at Benchaâbane.
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The online shop is non-functional, alas, and the French perfumery doesn't have the right perfume and does not ship. I posted it to Jobs, thanks for the suggestion...
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