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I recently went through some of my music from late 90s-early 00s, and a fair amount included j-pop and j-rock. I lost all the titles and artist names, so I resorted to using an app to identify some of the songs. However... the identifiers are all in Japanese, and I have no idea.

Could someone translate for me?

Images can all be found here. The songs are currently only labeled with a number to help me keep track of what's what.
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Late-nineties anime fan high five!

All artist names given in Japanese order, with family name first.

1. "Tooi kono machi de" (from Card Captor Sakura) Kaitani Naomi

2,3 "Yubiwa" (from Escaflowne) Sakamoto Maaya

4. "Anata no Ichiban Ni Naritai" Omi Minami

5. "Seiza no Umi wo Yukou" Kuwashima Houko

6. The identifier says "Pearl piano ga hazusenai" but I think it must actually be "Pearl Piasu ga hazusenai" because (a) that seems to be a song that exists and (b) "I can't take off my pearl earrings" makes more sense than "I can't take off my pearl piano." Takano Naoko

7. The identifier says "White Day" by Masaki Tenchi but I can't find internet evidence that this is a real song that exists.

8. "Fuwari" Hayashibara Megumi

9. "Kokoro ni watashi ga futari iru" Nakama Yukie

10. "Toki ni ai wa" (theme from the Utena movie) Okui Masami
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Response by poster: Hooray! Thank you!!

"I can't take off my pearl piano" would be an interesting song title.... I think your interpretation is better.
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