Help me identify this book!
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I'm looking for a children's book I read in the mid-90s about a young girl who falls through a lake into another place. Sound familiar to anyone? I've got a few more details to share.

In the story the girl goes to bridge over a lake and falls in or is maybe drawn in? She's surprised when she falls through the lake and ends up in a room in another place. I recall that she can stand in the room and look up and see the water and bridge above her head. She can watch other people in her world move across the bridge, but they can't see her. I'm pretty sure there's magic involved in the rest of the story. She goes back and forth between worlds, and I think she's trying to decide if she'll stay in one or another.

Other things that might help in the search:
The cover was beautifully illustrated and there may have been illustrations inside
I read it in the mid-90s, and I think it was a fairly recent release at the time

Sorry for the sketchy details! I checked it out of the library over and over again when I was a kid- wish I could remember what it was!
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Best answer: Princess Nevermore by Dian Curtis Regan is about a princess who falls through a wishing lake/pond into the modern day world. Could that be the one?
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Response by poster: That's it! Just reading the summary on Amazon is bringing back all those half-forgotten details. Thanks so much!
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I loved that book, too, so I'm glad to help! :)
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