Jim Henson Skit on 'Ed Sullivan': Black Monster on Black Background?
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A question from my father I've been unable to answer: "YEARS ago, I recall watching what I believe was Jim Henson's first performance on the Ed Sullivan (TV) show. It was a tell (on stilts) black monster against a black background, dancing and dodging about in time with Halloween-style (monster) music. This was a LARGE monster, waaaay bigger than Cookie Monster, and was definitely not a hand puppet. It was a guy on stilts, covered with this monster outfit (I think), and it was a good act!!! ---Does ANYone remember this? I cannot find it on YouTube or Google......"
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Was it this?

"Rock 'n' Roll Monster

Original Airdate: September 18, 1966
In Jim Henson's very first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, a Rock 'n' Roll Monster is lip-synching to "Rock It To Me", a sketch originally from "Sam and Friends". In the 50's and 60's, Jim Henson's characters were well known for their parodies of musical hits.

"The three-headed character grows out of a box. First you see only the hands, then a head, and finally several heads. The heads and limbs are moving in all directions during this tune. The Rock 'n' Roll Monster dissolves to his original size and is eaten by Sour Bird, a character designed for a Royal Crown Cola advertising campaign."

If not, does anything on the list at Muppet Central look right?
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Or maybe this, from "Sam & Friends"?
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Response by poster: MonkeyToes -- running those by him, as well as the article you were referring to ...
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