How to pronounce Ralph Denham
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In Virginia Woolf’s Night and Day how was Ralph Denham’s first name likely to be pronounced? Like Ralph (Rayf) Fiennes or Ralph (Ralf) Wiggum? I don’t know if this would have been important – or obvious? – to early 20thC readers, but feels like an interesting social signifier.
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In HMS Pinafore, Ralph Rackstraw is pronounced Rafe to rhyme with waif, and the character is shown at first to be a humble seaman, but is revealed to be of higher station.

In time each little waif
Forsook his foster-mother,
The well born babe was Ralph
Your captain was the other!!!

Ralph Denham is a law clerk, perhaps middle-class. His fiance, Katharine, dislikes his large family and their vulgar tastes.
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I cannot imagine Woolf's voice saying "Ralf." I think it's got to be "Rayf."
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There's a good discussion here (including some important whys). Since this pronunciation was favored in the Middle and South of England, and those dialects formed the basis for the standard "upper-crust" accent known as RP (received pronunciation), and Woolf is speaking a very plummy form of RP in that clip, I think the assumption is ... safe ... that she pronounced it "rafe".

It is important to know that Rafe is not the universal pronunciation of the name in all forms of British/Commonwealth English, though. If the Denham character hailed from the North, for example, he may well have pronounced the 'l'. An Oxbridge education, on the other hand, is an important factor in erasing that sort of regionalism and enforcing RP.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. I'm interested because Ralph doesn't - as Ideefixe says - occupy the upper-middle class world of Hilberys where it would definitely be "Rayf". Is he on this cusp of pronunciation with all it can imply? (Nice pun, dhartung.)
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Ralph Denham is from Highgate. Ralph Rackstraw was dropped off with Little Buttercup, who mixed up the two babies, so he was raised by lower class parents.
But if we say Rafe, shouldn't we say gafe for golf?
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