Going to a conference. Help me present myself to potential employers.
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I'm going to a conference/show/event in October, and I need a good way to present on-going education and new job history. Details inside? You bet.


I'm about to complete my master's (education/teaching) degree. Grades/Transcript will be out in January 2015, physical diploma in April 2015.

I'm going to start a short (related) course that runs from September - December. Grades/transcript should be out in January 2015.

I have a once a week (related!) job.

My undergraduate degree is unrelated to my master's. My job history (except once a week job) is also unrelated (office work).

I'm a dual national (US/UK with US accent) in the UK.

Looking to start work in/after January 2015. Not uncommon my field to get hired 2-5 months in advance and I'm OK with this.


Conference-show thing is likely to have potential employers. If I find an interested party, how should I present my education/work history to them?

*CV? (Would be very, very short if it only covered anything related to my master's. Probably just "expected graduation date, volunteer work, new PT job")

*Business card? (I don't have one, but I can get one. What should I write on it?)

*Linkedin? (I have many rare names and one common name. Let's pretend my name is Mayhew Jupiter Dinkleberg-Jones. Would it be OK to join under MJ Jones? I have had stalkers in the past.)

*Your suggestion here?

(Keep in mind it will be in October and I won't have any grades by then. All I have now is a transcript that says I've passed all of my classes so far.)

This should be done as cheaply as possible.

Note: I'm OK with seeing my University career's office for CV help, but they want 3 hours (!). Wanted to wait until January because I'll have more time, all of my transcripts, and an idea of what's going on with my PT job.
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Yes business card, yes LinkedIn, yes MJ Jones is fine if you are prepared to commit to that as your professional name. A CV at a conference is generally frowned upon unless you are explicitly asked for one.

But you have this slightly wrong, in that you are not giving out business cards so much as collecting them. You then follow up with an email saying how nice it was to meet X at conference Y and how you enjoyed the discussion of A. You then say you are a recent grad in Z and actively looking for a job from January, and would they mind looking at your CV and connecting you to anyone they think might be a good resource for you?
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You want a one page CV. Your career office wants all that time because they're planning on doing a good job. It's a GREAT investment. Make that appointment today. A CV isn't just a list of jobs, it's a list of accomplishments. They'll show you how to format it and to showcase the things you've done in university. Think about the organizations you've belonged to, the projects you've worked on, your internships. Those will all go on your CV.

For sure, establish a LinkedIn. You can use whatever name you like. MJ Jones works perfectly. Be sure to use a good, professional headshot. I actually paid for one, but you can have a friend take a good one for you.

Your transcripts aren't necessary for anything. I've NEVER had an employer ask me for them.

But Darlingbri has it exactly right. Collect cards and follow up with emails and attach an electronic copy of your CV. Once you graduate, etc, you can update and recontact all these folks.
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Thank you for both of your answers so far!

The transcripts/physical diploma are for visa purposes (if I leave the country) and to be able to say "I have graduated from X University" instead of "I expect to graduate."

I live in England, so most master's degrees are one year long. I don't belong to any organizations, haven't worked on any special projects, haven't done any internships. (My University does not offer them for master's degrees although they're trying to change this!)
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and to be able to say "I have graduated from X University" instead of "I expect to graduate."

There's a very standard, straight-forward way to deal with this; if you don't know what it is, take your CV and book the 3 hour appointment because you need it.
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OK, I'll book an appointment before January for the career's office. I hope I can get in before mid-October, because they're apparently have only one person next month, yikes!

If I can't, that's OK, I'll have to go in November (to change my CV to reflect more volunteer work) and January (to reflect changes related PT job and completed education as long as I pass) anyway.
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