How to change a light bulb?
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How do I get access in order to change this light bulb? This is located in a shower stall. I tried turning the glass covering to the left but that doesn't seem to do anything. And if I try to rotate the outer white part to the left if feels like I'm going to break it.
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Best answer: Instead of rotating the white part, get your fingernails under the edge and pull straight down.
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Best answer: Yep, I have the same type of light in my hall way. You pull down. It's ridiculous, but it's true.
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Best answer: And it will make a horrible screeching noise as the metal clips that hold it up are pulled against the metal can. It will feel like it doesn't want to budge, but it will move.
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Yep, just pull down.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. It's fixed!
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