Recover Firefox bookmarks from ex-boot drive.
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I have a PC with three hard drives running Windows 7. It recently started crashing to BSODs and being unable to reboot (I would press the power button and be presented with a blinking cursor for the next 1000 years) so I ordered recovery discs from ASUS, resigned myself to losing everything on my boot drive, and inserted them into the optical drive.

Lo and behold, through some mistake in my drive letter designation, the new OS was installed on a different hard drive than the original Windows installation. Thus, all my old program folders are still intact. However, I still have to reinstall programs in the new C drive to get them to work. My question, therefore, is how to recover my old Firefox configuration (bookmarks, mods, add-ons, etc.) from the old drive, plug it into the new Firefox folder, and be able to access Metafilter without actually having to type in the URL window.
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Here you go.
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%appdata% should be something like c:/users/captainlescalier/appdata, I think.
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