Does a planner for two weeks at a time exist? With a To Do list?
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I want a two-week planner. Not a weekly planner. Not a monthly planner. I want to know what I need to do and plan for two weeks at a time. And I want enough room to add a to-do list.

Thanks to AskMe a while ago, I discovered this Moleskine Weekly Planner which was exactly what I wanted:

1) Great writing surface (I tend to use mechanical pencils, highlighters don't bleed through)
2) Lays flat on my desk
3) A weekly section on the left page which is lined and NOT HOURLY
4) An entire right page for to-do lists and notes

After using it for most of the year, it's been absolutely great except for one minor flaw: I really want to be able to see my schedule and what my deadlines are in two week chunks. I can live with less space for the to-do lists and notes, but keeping everything else as is would be perfect.

Does such a piece of perfection exist?
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This is something that you can make happen yourself! Possibly with consulting with a friend or paid help to lay it out if that's not a skill of yours. But you can design your perfect planner at whatever size you want in a design program, then take it to a print shop (some sort of local non-Kinko's-y place) where you can choose the paper and the binding, and make it happen. Working with professional printers is great -- I've gotten all sorts of custom stuff made, and it's so worth it for something like this!
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If you're unable to find any, and you're interested in printing your own, David Seah has numerous planners on his website which are beautifully laid out and fully customizable. His "emergent task planner" has a layout very similar to what you want if you reversed it. You could easily use his planners as a template for customizing and printing them out yourself if you want. I actually mix and match several of his planners into the documents I need and then print them out in advance. Is there a full service FedEx nearby? They would have the software and personnel for helping you customize and print.
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Do you still want one page of the spread to be empty for notes?

Biweekly planner from Quovadis

Free 2 Week Schedule Download - you could combine this with other pages for notes

Brownline 2014 Two-Week Pocket Planner - this is 2014 but you could probably expect a 2015 version too.
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Response by poster: Already did the Google search and came up with most of the examples given above by Mefites, thank you to those who made suggestions. None of them quite fit my criteria as listed above - some space for to-do notes (note I said that it doesn't have to be an entire page, but at least some space should be blank for me to scribble on), lays flat, etc.

Brainmouse - I prefer to purchase a planner that already exists so that dates and major holidays are already filled in.
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Do any of the Filofax week per pages look right to you? Then you just buy an organizer that will hold them all, though they might not come small enough.
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