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I am looking for recommendations for simple software to assist our managers with doing their employee performance evaluations efficiently and timely. Our small company has about 20 employees, and we have previously used paper evaluations but would like to move toward software for this. I would like something where the manager selects a rating for a particular category, and the software auto-fills in some generic description text that the manager can then alter. Then the form can be exported to PDF. Integrated self-evaluations would be nice, but not necessary.

Most of the software I'm finding are too big and do too much. What we don't need:
- full HR Management/Payroll software
- 360 feedback
- recruitment/on-boarding
- multiple templates
- digital approval process
- org charts
- time & attendance

What we do need:
- easy for managers to use
- auto-filled suggested comments
- export to PDF

Any suggestions that other small companies are using would be most appreciated!
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This would be trivial to do in Excel.
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Excel or google forms. Any polling/webform software would be able to do grab the info quickly and then you can mail merge in excel and word to create the letters.
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Use drop down boxes or checkboxes for the auto suggested comments with an additional text box for free form notes. Do the manager is basically entering an employee id and then checking off a long list, adding notes if needed and hitting submit.
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Google Forms are super easy to email out to people.
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Response by poster: Excel requires me to set up and populate with the verbiage, and I don't have the time. I am specifically asking for software that currently exists to do this.
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You can use Adobe PDF creator I think to turn a scanned paper form into an online form quickly that gathers the data entered into a table. I've done that and it was faster than recreating the form and familiar to everyone involved - just drawing boxes over the form and assigning field names.
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A friend of mine has a company with some automated tools that may be helpful to you. If you memail me, I will give you the contact information.
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I work for a company that does all of this except for per-filled comments. We consciously didn't add this as a feature since this makes the feedback a lot less usefull. We do have a plan where you can essentially create and run the process yourself. If you are interested me-mail me.
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