The lady pal and I are looking for a mini-vacation in LA. Help!
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My girlfriend and I have lived, pool-less, in LA for about 3 years now. We decided that we'd take a little mini-vacation this weekend and check out some part of the city we'd never seen. Unfortunately, its labor day and our attempts to low-ball Priceline aren't bearing fruit. More inside!

Q being: What's worth seeing that we haven't seen? What's the coolest LA secret? +/- within an hour of Echo Park is preferable.

Bonus Q: Is there a pool that's semi-accessible or accessible for a small fee that would be crashable?
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LAist put together a list of pools that don't have a cover charge or require a hotel key.
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It's a shame the tides are so rough because of Maria because I'd hang out at the beach.

Motel 6 in Whittier has a pool. Ditto the Motel 6 at LAX.

The Westin Bonaventure downtown has a pool and decent rates! $203 per night.

What are you looking to spend?
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You could try Oakwood - they are mostly short-term residential apartments, but most allow you to rent a studio or 1br for a nightly fee like a hotel and they usually have nice pools.
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Santa Monica has a "Community beach house" that is free and open to the public.
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All lodging is going to be pricey labor day weekend, so I'd go modest on a hotel and situate yourself in a cool new neighborhood, using your budget to fully immerse yourselves in all the cool stuff to do there.

My husband and I live in Los Feliz and take great pleasure in Monday "daycations." We've been shocked at the range of activities and places we've stumbled upon when exploring by neighborhood. We get home at night and really feel like we teleported to a completely separate place. It's good for the soul. Our favorites have been:

--Redondo Beach (boardwalk, crazy arcade with a tilt-a-whirl, rented paddle boats, Tony's on the Pier)
--Manhattan Beach (walked along the El Porto strand admiring the houses, butterfly preserve, incredible dinner at Manhattan Beach Post)
--Downtown (Angel City Brewing, Little Tokyo galleries and tchochke shops, Lyft to a Dodger game)
--Solvang (visited the wind harp, Pea Soup Andersens, drank too much wine, went golfing)

You should also check out for wacky museums, tours, sites and historical places around LA or wherever you decide to daycation.

As for securing access to an awesome pool: It's outside your hour drive, but if you can snag a cheapo hotel in Palm Springs (111 miles) the whole town is a pool-crashers PARADISE. Pretty much every boutique hotel will welcome you at their pool as long as you're buying drinks. My favorite PS pools are at the Colony Palms, the Viceroy & the Orbit In.

The Roosevelt Hotel pool is also public if you're buying drinks at their Tropicana bar -I'm not a fan though.
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It's not LA-specific but how about taking the money you were going to spend on a hotel and go out to a nice meal at a place that you've always wanted to experience and get a little more than you usually would? Or go to a shopping area that's above your normal range, stroll and get a fancy coffee and then buy something small, like nice-but-affordable, and then you even have a little souvenir of the experience. Or, if all else fails, you could use this weekend to brainstorm a trip at a later date that's cheaper? If you two approach it like an adventure or even acting, as in dramaturgy a la Erving Goffman, I'm sure whatever you do will be fun and memorable!
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I came to suggest the Annenberg Beach House in Santa Monica, too. It has an interesting history, and you can eat at Back On The Beach restaurant next door. I live about a half mile down the road and the weather here is stunning right now.
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