A short, short-waisted lady needs some loose-fitting jeans
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What are your favorite loose-fitting jeans for fall? Bonus details about my body type inside.

I want a pair of loose-fitting, not-skinny, not-bootcut, not-flared and not super-straight-legged jeans for fall. I'm looking for something like this. My body type doesn't seem to do well with this style, so I'm wondering if you, who might have a similar body type or a eye for fashion, could recommend a style that would work for me.

I'm 5'4, 115 pounds and a fairly standard hourglass. I have no torso. I'm short-waisted as hell. If someone were to say, "Hey, I'm going to kill your family unless you give me some of your torso," RIP family because I have no torso to give. When I wear slightly baggy shirts with loose jeans, I look like I'm cosplaying the pope.

Here are some details about my butt I'm about to put on the internet: it's low on my body and while not flat, gives the illusion of flatness since it's low. My legs are long, my hips are wide but proportional and basically all loose jeans engulf me because I'm short (even with the longer legs) or look strange because of my wider hips and skinnier legs. I tried on several pairs of different brands yesterday at the consignment shop and came away looking like a boxy, shortish, no-butted monster.

I towards to the trendy side, so I'd like the jeans to be in vogue. I'm 33, if that has any bearing on your answers. Please point me to brands or styles you think would work for my body type. Thanks, MeFi!
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do you have a place like the blue jeans bar anywhere near? Somewhere with tons of brands and staff that can help you suss out what will work.

My daughter just bought an adorable pair of Mavi jeans in a cut that they call slim boyfriend, that are really cute. She is not curvy like you but so muscular that normal straight leg jeans fit her more like skinnies. These are still not lots of fabric to deal with (what she hates about boot cut and the like) but not so tight. they also have lots of give and are really comfortable.
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I have pretty much the identical body, minus one inch, and find jeans equally frustrating. In recent years, the only loose denims I've been able to find that actually fit are by Dockers.
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I'm also petite and short-waisted - all my height is in my legs, and if I'm not careful I look like my boobs are sitting right on top of my waist. I wear Not Your Daughter's Jeans (NYJD), which are available in a wide range of cuts and colors, and they come in petite lengths. They are pretty easy to find on Ebay and in department stores like Nordstrom.
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I'm built not entirely unlike you, and H&M jeans somehow fit me like magic. Here's their version of the style you posted. Or these for a less distressed look.
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I'm short and hourglass shaped, though I do have a torso. I am very partial to Eddie Bauer jeans. I wonder if you might like this model.
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I've been looking for the boyfriend jeans style for a while now, but as a fellow hourglass lady it's a tough one. Anything "boyfriend" that fits my hips is gonna have a 6+ inch gap at my waist. BUT I just found some Levi's that mimic elements of the trend, more or less.

Levi's Curve ID jeans come in four different fits that essentially describe the hip-waist ratio/curvyness: Slight curve, Demi curve, Bold Curve, and Supreme curve. Then on top of that, they have the different styles - basically the shape of the leg: Legging, skinny, straight, flare, etc.

So it took me a while to figure out, but just this week I bought a pair of Demi Curve (for my hourglass hip:waist ratio) jeans with Straight leg AND a size up from what I usually get in skinnies (for loose legs/bagginess).

Rolling up the bottoms gets me a kinda boyfriend-y jean look that actually fits my body. I will say I will probably never be able to get the full "hanging off the hips" look you see on the super skinny models, but that's just the nature of having curves I think.
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I have never found a good pair of "boyfriend" jeans until this year at Old Navy. I have short legs so I went for either a short inseam or a capri pair, I can't remember which. Might be worth a shot.
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Maybe not stylish enough, but I like LL Bean's 1912 style jeans.
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Thank you, everyone! I haven't yet shopped for this, but will provide updates when I do.
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Not a fan of the naming convention, but Lucky makes a great pair of looser-fitting jeans that worked for my body shape. Expensive store-bought, but you can find discounted versions on eBay and Amazon.
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