What is the official word for this medical thing?
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So, what do medical professionals call those bars around the bed so patients don't roll out?

I'm a non-medical professional writing something short that will be read mostly by medical people, so I'm looking for something precise.

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Bed rails.
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Side rails or bed rails.
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Mostly side rails where I come from.
Don't tie things to them. Especially people.
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i'm gonna go with side rails. Thanks!
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For future reference, another search term for these, especially the kind that attach to one's hospital-style bed with bolts, is "halo bars" or just halos, so-called because the open ends are round like halos.
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We use the term 'cot sides' as well in the UK.

Their use is discouraged in confused patients, as patients then often try to climb over the rails and fall from an even greater height. Patients at risk of falls are managed in ultra-low beds instead (floor level). Just a bit of extra detail for you.
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