I want to search Wikipedia for a list of people alive over 90 years old
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I want to use the massive wikipedia database to look for people alive in a given profession that match a certain criteria such as age or their alma mater.

Suppose, I want to find a list of political scientist currently alive who are over 85 years old and went to Yale, how would I go about doing this in Wikipedia? Or perhaps I am interested in finding fiction writers or authors alive who were born before January 1, 1924. What would be the best way to do this? What sort of language or application I would need to use to get this accomplished?
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Looks like this post was made just for you! He takes a very introductory approach to learning to write a Ruby script to
...answer the question: According to Wikipedia, what is the average age of U.S. Presidents whose last names have more than six characters?
Here's a list you'll probably want it to iterate through.
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Here's the SPARQ query for people born between 1914 and 1923 and in the Category: Living_people.

You can modify that to do a whole lot of queries that involve people.
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