This puppy has everything she needs, except a name.
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We just adopted this 8 month old female Pekingese from a shelter in the midwest. We started out working through Buffy-verse names, and got excited about Fred, which we long-formed first to Winifred, then decided that sounded like a middle name and tried to think of a very generic first name, like Lady. We ended up with Lady Winifred and we call her Fred, but the grandparents object, and we're open to choosing something different, since we chose it before meeting her.

She has fun stripes and spots, a surprisingly giant mouth and makes some pretty ridiculous chirping and honking noises.

Aside from Whedon related names, names from swing era jazz are fun - but Ella just doesn't seem like it has enough consonants, and appropriate though it might be, we can't call her "Plunger Mute." Names relating to her fun coloring or over-all similarity to a monkey are also appealing.
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She looks like Carol Channing. Call her Carol.
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Louisa ? Louis A - for Louis Armstrong. He had a big mouth, too.
Calloway? Cally?
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What an adorable dog. With her great mouth, she looks like a black lion, so "shih" is lion. Lady lion or black lion.
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As soon as I saw her I thought of The Great Rumpuscat from Cats.

His eyes were like fireballs fearfully blazing,
He gave a great yawn, and his jaws were amazing;
And when he looked out through the bars of the area,
You never saw anything fiercer or hairier.

Rumpus or Rumpy
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She looks a lot like my friend Steve, so I would call her Blind Melon.
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She's a Cordelia, not a Fred.
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Or Natalie.
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She really looks like a Gizmo to me.
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This doesn't meet any of your requirements but as soon as I saw the wee beastie I thought Kippers.

Or Basie, for the Count.
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Audrey in little shop of horrors...
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She's adorable! My (female) cat's name is Fred, though, so I'm selfishly glad you didn't stick with that one.

I do like the Cordelia suggestion. Nice number of syllables, can be shortened to Cordy, and means she'll probably do well on standardized tests.
(If you get another pet, though DO NOT name him Skip. Very dangerous combination.)
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Look at those teeth! Darla, of course.
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could Frieda be a compromise? I assume you don't like the nickname Winnie? I feel like either one could suit her. As a Pekingese, she's going to be a classy looking lady, so I can see how Fred would be less fitting.
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Either Rascal, Bandit, or Loki.
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She reminds me of the peek my Mom had. Her name was Gwen. She was adorable just like your pup.
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Minnie the Moocher.
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She's a Cordie.

Or a Joss.
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How about Stephanie, after Lady Gaga (whose actual name is Stephanie Something)?
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Her face looks like that dragon in The Neverending Story. I would name her Falcor(a?) if only to also have the excuse of shouting it in my neighborhood.
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Harmon is the name of a type of brass mute used in jazz, Harmony is buffyverse (and musicverse, of course) so... one of those? Alternative: Penny (Dr Horrible)
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Louis Armstrong's nicknames were Satchmo and Pops.
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Lady Day
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Elvira or Songbird.
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TEETH! So freaking cute!

I also vote for Audrey, as in Little Shop of Horrors. Because of those teeth! chomp chomp chomp
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Oh, my! What a sweetheart. I'm going to also have to go with Carol Channing. That's hilarious.
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She reminds me of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch!
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She looks like a Suki to me.
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Seconding Fizgig. I thought of it as soon as I saw the first photo, and the giant mouth makes it even more perfect. I was looking for a clip to share even before I saw the previous suggestion.
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If it's the Fred part the grandparents object to, how about the nickname Winkie? I know a very lovely Winifred who goes by Winkie and would not mind a lovely pup sharing her name.
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So many great suggestions!

Fizgig became an immediate nickname, it's amazingly dead on, and that clip is hilarious.

If my dad's girlfriend wasn't named Carol, that would be very tempting.

We spent the morning trying out Harmony and it just isn't quite right. My favorite right now is Ko-ko, both for the initially for the Duke Ellington song* and then my officemate reminded me of the communicative Gorilla who shares this pup's love for kitties.

(* the baritone sax, ya-ya muted trombone and bass solo breaks are pretty evocative of her various noises and behaviors)
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Am I really the only person who read the story of Fred-not-Fred and immediately thought Illyria?
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Countess Basie

(or Duchess Ellington)
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There's also (the incredible) Koko Taylor.
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My first thought was Charo!
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We ended up with Daisy, which fits none of the criteria I mentioned, but is "grandmother's" favorite flower and is both cute and old-timey enough for me.
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