Best team project management, cost and time tracking system?
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I'm looking for a team project tracking system (who isn't?). I have a team of technical people who work on projects and a team of sales people who are responsible for billing for the projects when they are complete. We are outgrowing our home grown system and are looking for something that allows the following:

classic project tracking with checklists of steps (e.g. contract signed, status update #1, etc...)
dash board of current projects
ability to model a standard flow of required steps (nda, contract, kickoff, status update #1, final delivery, etc...)
team time tracking of hours per project
resource planning (e.g. vacation and who is available)

Things that would be great to have:
ability to put in (private) salaries to track the cost of sale
ability to put in project revenue for monthly and quarterly reports
status dashboard for sales that allows them to see progress, but not private info
projects should not be seen by team members not working on that project
web based would be great
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How big are you?

We use At Task, which offers all your requireds and all of your nice-to-haves (though we don't use it the way you describe to track financials, I know you can do all of those things). It is the most flexible and customizable, least annoying PPM system I've ever been made to use. It's also pretty expensive—heavy start-up cost because each build is customized and relatively expensive licenses ongoing.
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Response by poster: We're around 20 people
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I've used and like Basecamp (I'm trying to get my current employer to adopt it.), but I don't know if it has all the features you require.
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I came across Updatey the other day — it does project management, visual timeline with milestones and deadlines, etc.

However, it looks like it just tracks per-project budgets, not revenue/salaries.
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We use At Task too - i like it overall - although it its failings (their notification system can be a bit wonky - it doesn't inherently have a PTO setting, you have to create a PTO project and assign your vacation time to it). But overall - it's nice. it has facebook like interface where you can like statuses, or comment on a task. it also has some document management features where - say your sales person finalizes the SOW and PO - they can upload the signed copies directly to the project so everyone involved can see exactly what the requirements are.

It does have security of who can see what projects, but it is a pain in the butt to deal with (we're 3 months into using it and we still can't figure out why i can't see some of the projects i am working on) It also doesn't have logical checks. So, it doesn't require that step 1 be 100% before you move on to step 4, etc.

I will say - overall i like it. But it has limitations.
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I worked for a time tracking company called Replicon for many years. I believe that they can handle most if not all of what you're looking for, including project management and billing. I left before the release of their dashboard features but I believe that's all been released now. Good luck!
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Asana! Asana!! Asana!!

I've implemented it at a couple of high profile tv shows and it's been EXTREMELY successful. It's also extremely extensible with the API.
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