Resources for living and/or parenting with ADHD
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Can you recommend books or other resources to help me live and parent with ADHD?

I was diagnosed with ADHD this past year, and I am on medication (34mg of Concerta). The medication really helps with the day-to-day things I need to do, but I need strategies to do the higher-level things, big-picture stuff.

I am interested in any kind of books, websites or other resources that are specifically geared for adults with ADHD. I'm also looking for resources to help me be a parent, as someone with ADHD. (my kids do not have ADHD as far as I know). One of the biggest things I am struggling with is establishing consistent, regular routines for both myself, and my children.

Thanks for any recommendations you may have.
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People will probably recommend Get It Done, but as an ADHD person I was like WTF THIS HAS WAY TOO MANY CONFUSING STEPS.

Since you said "or other resources" I'll plug hard for finding a way to get ahold of a counselor with experience in ADHD, either in a one-on-one or a group setting. No workbook can replace professional expertise and human support. Unfortunately there's a lot more money in drugs than in skills training, but I was able to find a free support group in my area. Actually, I see you're in Boston-- check your MeMail (by the end of the day)!
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Best answer: I'm a parent with ADD and weekly behavioral therapy has been really helpful. Not just for strategies but also coping with the inevitable feelings of guilt, grief, frustration, etc like you're letting your family down when things get rough.

I think the humble checklist has been my biggest asset. Put all your parenting tasks on it every single day. Meals, snacks, brushing teeth, baths, packing stuff for school, etc etc. Put it on paper every day and live by it.
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Are you single parenting, or do you have a partner who can help you establish routines and stay on track? My ADHD spouse does and feels so much better when we are on a simple routine, but I think it might be hard for him to manage to keep to the routine on his own, when real life pushes us out of whack. For us, finding ways for technology to help has helped us both. For instance, I set schedules and reminders on google calendar-- but that's almost more for me than for him. A quick text message when an important alert pings helps him more. Finding a pattern and sticking to it works well for him, with the same breakfast routine every day, same bedtime routine, etc.

I will also second counseling, either CBT for you, of family counseling to help the whole family get their feet under them while you are all figuring this out. Good for you for being proactive!
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Best answer: Book:
ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life by Judith Kolberg

Read some, try a few steps (not every tip will be useful - I lose stuff all the time, so getting bright coloured cellphone, wallet etc instead of black, helped a lot).
When you've made some progress, read another chapter, or reread, and try a few more.
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Response by poster: instamatic - I do have a partner, but he has been treated for ADHD himself. Ha ha. Generally our weaknesses/strengths compliment each other, but not always.
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