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Hypothetically, let's just say you . . . I dunno . . . are in charge of "movie night" for 40 womyn, who work with victims of . . . let's say . . . sexual assault on a daily basis. What films would you recommend? A little on the lighter side is preferable, but Thelma and Louise-ish is okay, too. An apt theme might be "Right on, sister!"
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How Stella Got Her Groove Back? Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain (aka "Amelie")? I'm, just naming chick flicks here.
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How about A League of Their Own?

(Caveat: This is a male writing.)
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Miss Confidentiality. It's funny, I swear.
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We just showed "Hannah and Her Sisters" at our community association's movie night. Very "you go, girl", a little romantic but not too much. Well received, made people feel like sisters were actually a good thing! (I think the men enjoyed it, too)

Unlike some other movies, it's still good to watch even though it was made all those years ago ("Raising Arizona", for example, seemed a little washed out).

OOh, how about "9 to 5", "Working Girl"?
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Chicago has "woman-empowerment" themes and some great music and comedy to boot.
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OK, that should be Miss Congeniality. Damn spellchecker. Steel Magnolias is always good too.
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I suggest good movies, of any variety. Let your 40 hard working womyn escape reality for a while.
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Real Women Have Curves
The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pant
Old but fun: Mystic Pizza, Now and Then
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Why the coyness in the question? I don't understand. Are you you in charge of movie night for 40 women who work with victims of sexual assault on a daily basis? Yes or no? Why not just say it?

As to movies to watch, hmmm... there's an excellebt movie I'm trying to think of, that I'll have to go and ask my sister about.
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Fried Green Tomatoes, perhaps.
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First thing that popped into my mind was The Accused, since it would be obviously relevant to the group, and I guess would be a "right on sister" kind of thing. Wouldn't you want a "movie night" to be sort of an escapist thing, where you get away from the topic of work? Someone mentioned Amelie, and that's a good choice, or maybe take a look at A Very Long Engagement. Its funny, romantic, and empowering for women in a roundabout way.
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Well, the old classic The Women is all-star, all-"womyn," and a hi-larious camp classic. Although it's about a woman wronged and the aftermath of the scandal, it's dated and hardly feminist in many ways. But it is very funny and might be an affirming, enjoyable respite for your colleagues.
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Breasts: A Documentary has been highly recommended to me. Ought to be a good one for promoting sisterhood.
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Back in university, I took a communications course that went into the feminism behind Return of the Jedi. However, I'd vote for Fried Green Tomatoes, which has many people overcoming oppression. The Journey of Natty Gann comes to mind, too -- and it's G-rated.
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It's semi-obscure, but Strangers in Good Company is an excellent, older-woman-centered film. It's very peaceful, maybe a little slow, but I find it soothing.
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Million Dollar Baby, not necessarily light hearted and it is sad but a great movie all the same.
The Notebook
Before Sunset
Mona Lisa Smile
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Definately Sliding Doors or Bridget Jones's Diary.
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how about Whale Rider or Bend it Like Beckham? Though the protagonists are young girls, both movies about young girls who buck traditions are really quite empowering.
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How about a triple header of Bound and The Last Seduction and The Long Kiss Goodnight? Three great flicks where women kick ass and win it all.
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Fried Green Tomatoes is a good movie, and an appropriate choice.

If you don't mind something a bit different, try Spirited Away, or one of the other Miyazaki movies with a strong female protagonist (Nausicaa) or adversary (Princess Mononoke).
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My Brilliant Career - Austrailian, with early performances by Judy Davis and Sam Neil.
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I remember liking Lovely and Amazing.
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You can never go wrong with the Princess Bride.
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Shirley Valentine.
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The Color Purple.
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More movies where women kick ass: Cleopatra Jones and/or Coffy.
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First Wives' Club
Nine to Five
Legally Blonde
second Steel Magnolias, Shirley Valentine and Princess Bride

Or for a real weepie, the Way We Were, Terms of Endearment or Beaches
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You can never go wrong with the Princess Bride.

Ick. "If you're very, very beautiful--like, so beautiful that everyone around the whole world has heard of your beauty--maybe some handsome prince will rescue your sorry ass when trouble arises, because Lord knows you can't cope with shit yourself with a name like Buttercup." Terrible message.
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Kill Bill
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I Spit on Your Grave.
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I enthusiastically second The Notebook. I flew from the west coast to the east coast with a colleague that was reading "The Notebook" and she cried for the final 4 hours of the trip. I thought "Man, that's one movie I never want to see." Then my wife rented it, and I watched it with her, and it is great. It is a little sad, and may not be entirely right for a girls-night, but it is a really good movie. No tears from me, but a thought provoking film. I think it would go over very well with a larger group of folks that know each other.
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Irreversible is a French film which would be brilliant for it!
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What kind of women? For instance, what age? (And is the 'womyn' spelling yours or theirs?)

Are you looking for something mainstream, traditional romantic chick-flick, more indie, a safe choice, or is violence and skin and bad language okay? Something old, something new?

Some of the slightly older films upthread were on network TV frequently in the eighties and/or run on cable continually, so they've likely already seen them.
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I second Shirley Valentine.
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Second for Bend It Like Beckham and Amelie/Very Long Engagement
Babette's Feast
The English Patient
Antonia & Jane (funny, about two very different friends who don't know they share a therapist)
Mi vida loca
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Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and Practical Magic.

Sandra Bullock rules!
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_Bagdad Cafe_ starts out very slowly, and is, in several senses, Magic! I love lots of the movies mentioned above, absolutely add it to your list. A German woman walks away from her husband, in the boonies in Arizona, or somewhere like that, and stops at a rundown motel and cafe where the owner has just thrown out her 'useless'- i e does no work- husband, and the two women and others develop a great friendship, eventually. a gem!
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