What alternatives are there to the GORUCK GR1 Field Pocket?
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The GORUCK GR1 Field Pocket seems a great way to store a mirrorless camera and additional lens in an existing bag in a compact and secure way (as demonstrated in this blog post by Ben Brooks) – but I need to find an alternative.

I am in the UK and these are too expensive to get shipped (and have a bit too prominent a US flag on them for somebody who isn't American).

What decent alternatives are there for the Field Pocket, that will allow me to neatly store my mirrorless camera and another lens within my existing backpack?

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I think the US flag is detachable and can be replaced since you can order others. I'd be interested in a cheaper option as well though.
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Yep, patch is not included according to the features section.
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Best answer: I have the GR1 but prefer the organization of Crumpler's Haven camera pouches, of which there are several for sale on eBay UK.
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I have a bag by these guys, it is high quality and versatile. This one is not exactly the same as mine but looks more like what you seem to be looking for: sotechtactical duty bag.
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What is the advantage of this bag over conventional photo bags? Lowe Pro (and probably other manufacturers of photo gear) make all sorts of camera carrying gear that should be available locally in approximately that size and both bigger and smaller. EG: the 100AW, Event Messenger 100 (remove the strap), or Streamline 100 (again remove the strap) depending on what features you desire.
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Response by poster: Mitheral, I already have a bag I like, which I'm not looking to replace. I just want to keep my camera and other associated items neat and protected within it.

Mirrorless cameras are small enough that a dedicated bag seems like overkill for me, especially as the camera is usually just something i have with me rather than something I'm carrying with intent.

Akke, good spot with the flag! Postage charges still a bit restrictive however.

Thanks for the answers so far!
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Best answer: Crumpler do a nice selection of pouches and sleeves, prices are ok, and build quality has been really good with the products I've had from them.

A bit cheaper, and harder, this is a great case from AmazonBasics.
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