hot plate for moka pot?
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I've grown very attached to the coffee that comes out of my moka pot/ bialetti pot every.single.morning for the last two years, to the point where I am planning on taking it with me on all of my travels this year. Please recommend a mini hot plate that I can purchase in Canada, to use with the moka pot.

I use a 2-cup moka pot, so anything that's big enough for that pot and not much bigger will be great. Lightweight is best; and I'm willing to spend a little bit of money (say, up to 50 bucks) for this. Not interested in the electric version of moka expresso, though.
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Are you going to places that use 120 Volts or 230 Volts?
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Ah, good question. Mostly 120V.
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Does it have to be an electric hotplate? I use a burner screwed to a gas canister, something like this, for my moka pot in both hotel rooms and while camping.
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You can get a combo device: I typed in "Electric Moka" (not a bad band nameā€¦) into Amazon and there's a bunch.
The big advantage is once the coffee is made, the thing turns off - no burnt coffee if you're in the bathroom just then...
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An electric hotplate has a huge advantage over gas or fuel stoves: it can go on airplanes. Even though they're technically allowed on planes by the IATA conventions, many airlines will refuse to allow even empty used camping stoves/gas rings. All luggage is x-rayed now too, and this is one of the things they do look for.
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