Things to do along PA I-70W/OH I-71S in mid-September?
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Asking for a friend: Where should we stop in our travels through western Pennsylvania and in Ohio? Can you provide recommendations on points of interest/eating spots/recreational areas? Are there any interesting fairs or sales happening?

She writes: "Our route in September will be I-70 west from Sinking Springs, PA to Columbus, OH, then I-71 south from Columbus to Fairfield, OH. Our interests run toward state parks or other natural areas, flea markets, and homestead supply sources (like Lehmans!)."

I told her that the Hive Mind knows all. What can you suggest along this route, please?
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I've always like Johnstown, Pa., site of the massive flood of 1889. North of I-70 and east of Pittsburgh.
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Some good places to eat in Columbus: Katzinger's Deli, Jeni's (best ice cream ever omg), Northstar Cafe.
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Jungle Jim's in Fairfield is a must see.
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Was just going to say Jungle Jim's.

Just east of Zanesville, OH is the National Road and Zane Grey Museum. There's more about the road there than the writer but it is quite good if either of those topics are of interest. A few miles east in New Concord is the John and Annie Glenn Historic Site, situated in the astronaut's childhood home.

Fort Ancient State Memorial, just off I-71 after Wilmington, OH, is one of the Hopewell earthwork sites that dot south-central Ohio. In addition to the earthworks there are plenty of hiking trails

This is a little off the planned route but the Springfield Antique Center west of Columbus on I-70 is a huge antique mall. If you drive south from Springfield on OH-68 you'll go through Yellow Springs, which is a nice little town with the awesome Young's Jersey Dairy for ice cream. On the east side of Yellow Springs is the Glen Helen Nature Preserve, which is a great place to walk off the ice cream.
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Perhaps not a place for you to stop for long, but as you cross over the river into Ohio you will be just south of the Wheeling Suspension Bridge which at its time of construction was the longest suspension bridge in the world.
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Dirty Franks in Columbus is a fun place for lunch (if you like hot dogs). If you don't mind heading a little ways east before you go to fairfield you can go visit the hocking hills area. The Old Man's Cave area in particular is pretty cool.
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If they are in Columbus the weekend of September 19, Independent's Day is my favorite festival here:

I am incredibly disappointed I'm going to be out of town for it this year.

I also second Springfield Antique Center. It's awesome, and where I worked during breaks during college!
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A bit north of 70, just before you hit Washington PA is a park named after Mingo Creek. The weekend of the 20/21 will be their annual Covered Bridge Festival. It's mostly crafts and food, and split across two sections of the park. We go for pie. And ice cream. And ice cream on pie. But go early, because traffic on the back country roads getting in and out can be ridiculous.
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