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I am a telecommuting web software developer focusing on Java/JEE. I enjoy what I do but feel mostly isolated. Help me find a new gig!

I like to think I'm more of an extrovert than most of my peers, and to that end, I think I'd like to find a programming job that has these characteristics:

- Be based from my smallish east coast home city
- Working with people
- Travelling about 50% of the time
- Refining business processes/Improving workflow
- Implementing software to help businesses work 'better'
- Giving presentations

Is this what consulting firms do? Where should I look to find a job like this?
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This is very close to what my consulting (in IT) firm does, but not in Java/J2E (in data analytics space), and travelling 100% of the time. I do this, but I'm a business analyst.

If you work in a larger city(i.e like Charlotte or Chicago) the likelihood of getting a local gig where you work local is much higher.

I think if you have the combo of outgoing-ness and technical skills you'll find the doors to consulting pretty open.

If you live in Charleston, memail me and I can give you more details...
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