Best Bible app for iOS
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Someone has requested my assistance in finding the best Bible app for iOS.

There are too many reviews for too many different Bible apps so I turn to you, since your hands-on experience will trump whatever else I find online. Her request:

"I need an app for the Bible that will download [the book in its entirety] onto my phone and not have to pull it out of the 'net/cloud whatever when I want to access something quickly."

Bonus features request:

1a.) Not KJV
- or -
1b.) Ability to switch between different versions easily
2.) Easy navigation to specific book / chapter / verse.
3.) If possible, please give a direct link to the App store so that she or I can not have to search and wonder if we've found the one you're referencing.

As far as I'm aware disk space on her phone / tablet should not be an issue.
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I think the Blue Letter Bible app is probably the best one for those requirements.
posted by Pater Aletheias at 10:07 AM on August 27, 2014

I use YouVersion. Many English translations and translations in other languages are available for download/offline reading. (I will be checking out Blue Letter, though!)
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The ESV Bible app is my go-to. (App Store link)

Love the simple navigation scheme it uses.
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Seconding the YouVersion. I'm not a regular reader, but when I need to look something up or compare versions, it's a nice app to use.
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I recently started using the Tecarta app, and I love it. Much easier to navigate than YouVersion. It comes preloaded with KJV, but you can purchase tons of other versions for $5.00 apiece (also commentaries, concordances and other helpful guides). All can be downloaded to the phone, and don't have to be in the cloud.

Sorry, I'm a bonehead and forgot the link
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Asked a friend, and he said Logos was the way to go.
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Asked a friend, and he said Logos was the way to go.

I have Logos and I like it, but you need to have a Logos account. It works well for me because I've been using Logos for years, and I have paid for access to tons of commentaries and reference works in addition to the Bibles available. It is a very powerful app. But if someone if really just wanting to do Bible reading, I think it's overkill. I'd go with something else. As always, YMMV.
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Thirding YouVersion. I use it while at church where there is no wifi, so I know it is downloaded onto my phone. It is easy to search for a specific passage and easy to change versions/translations.
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I use YouVersion as well, and I think it works fine. Lots of translations are available offline and it's pretty quick to get around in. Sometimes it seems as though they push the "social" angle a bit much (share this verse with your friend! log in for reading plans! etc) but overall it's good.

My Dad and a few other people in my church use the New Life app developed by the Gideons. As far as I know it only has the NLT available offline, but it has some other nice features like a topical index and a list of basic questions and answers for new Christians or those inquiring about it.
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Thank you, everyone, for your input. She went with YouVersion which apparently defaults to KJV but she said switching was easy and overall it looks like a keeper.
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