Where to buy Bodyglide (or similar anti-chafing product) in Ljubljana?
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Dober dan! Can you point me towards a store in Ljubljana that sells Bodyglide (or a similar anti-chafing product)?

Suggestions for sports stores/supermarkets/drugstores that might carry Bodyglide are okay, but I'd prefer a 'Store X sells it, I'm 100% sure' (because walking is a bit painful at the moment).

Other suggestions also welcome, e.g. a drugstore that sells zinc oxide diaper rash cream.

Hvala lepa!
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Best answer: The drugstore DM (Litostrojska cesta 48) should have an anti chafing product in their foot care section. It looks like this and works okay (re-application after a few hours was necessary for me). Also pretty cheap and a lipstick sized tube, so easy to carry around. Not sure if it is in stock though. Alternatively, how about Vaseline?
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If you're in a total bind, I find that antiperspirant can really help, but I've never tried it on broken skin.
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Response by poster: Mission completed successfully! You're a lifesaver, travelwithcats!

Litostrojska cesta 48 appeared to be the headquarters of DM, but I accidentally got off at the wrong stop (bus line 18 is confusing) and spotted a DM on the intersection of Litostrojska cesta and Celovska cesta.
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