Need low maintenance short hairstyles for coarse hair
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I am looking for short hairstyles that are super low maintenance AND works with wavy coarse hair on an oval face. I have a weirdly shaped head, so no to going bald. Link to pics please!
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Are you looking for female or male haircuts? Can you give us a starting point for at least what you mean by "short" (as that varies from buzzed to shoulder length depending on who's talking)
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Depending on what length you mean/how curly your hair is, something like this with slightly longer bangs is very easy to keep up- wash hair, apply small amount of anti-frizz/curling product, and you're set to go!
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I have coarse, thick, wavy hair. The cut I've been happiest with is close to this. I also only shampoo my hair a couple times a week at most, conditioner washing other days. That helps smooth it a bit. I use a little Herbal Essances Totally Twisted mousse and air dry. It's not exactly high fashion, but if you're going for "easy"... I need it trimmed and thinned about every 5 weeks, emphasis on thinned.
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Short short, as in above-the-ears cropped short? Maybe something close in the back with a big shock of a bang in front, and some longer pieces in front of your ears for softness, to mess up when you feel like a la this.

Bit longer, chin length? How 'bout a retro-style middy, sans-bang, tapered a bit in the back, blunt all around, to make your waves look a bit more intentional?

A bit longer? I'm really partial to Petra Collins' brushed out centre parted waves. And if your waves are really wavy, then you could always go the full St Vincent.
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Whatever you choose, do color your hair. Wavy, coarse hair lays down better after the chemical damage of coloring.
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This is a really short, low-maintenance style (self-link to Twitter account - shows Jean Seberg famous haircut). It's so short that there should be little curl with wavy-type hair.

The only downside is, if you're self-conscious about your head shape, this will show it. I do want to say that other people never care about our imperfections as much as we do.
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Response by poster: I am looking for female haircuts, and aside from going bald, I'm open to anything. And short as in nothing below the ears. There's a drought and I'm looking to change it up so I'm looking for a win-win type of situation.

And 'low maintenance' as in I don't have to do something on a daily or semi-daily basis.

Kriesa, do you have to apply the mousse daily?

joseph conrad is fully awesome, how often do you need to trim it?

nerdfish, thank you for the multiple suggestions, but I feel like those look a bit more poofy than I would like.
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Hi - good clarification update!

I cannot answer your question, because I only cut my hair about a week ago. Sorry.

However, I have some "heresay": I've heard several times from people with short haircuts that they require more upkeep in that they need regular trims to keep it looking well-maintained.

I'm fine with that since I bought one of these from Target and came trim at home anytime.

(Hopefully someone with a short haircut can chime in - I know you're out there MeFites! :)
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