What is the healthiest frozen yogurt brand you can recommend?
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Preferably plain, preferably low fat, and preferably from Kroger. The yogurt is for an elderly family member, and the plan is to add fresh fruit. For bonus points, any suggestions for a natural fiber supplement to mix in would also be beneficial. I've heard flax seed is used for that purpose, though other/better suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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My wife likes the Strauss Organic Plain Greek yogurt, which can be found at Kroger-owned chains up here in the PNW. She adds chia seeds and fruit to it.
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Healthiest by far would be freezing real yogurt and making your own.
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Response by poster: I already know that making our own yogurt would be the healthiest choice, but that's not a realistic option. It needs to be store bought.
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I'm not certain it's available at Kroger, but I've found Fage plain greek yogurt to be really tasty. They make a 0%--though I highly recommend the 2%. The ingredients list is short. They can frequently be had for $1-$2 (at least here in Seattle). I could eat it plain, but it was especially good with chunks of banana, blackberries or strawberries. yum. :9

Seconding chia seeds as a good fiber supplement; it's also one filled with beneficial omega fatty acids and pretty flavorless. I rather enjoy the slight 'tapioca pudding' texture it offers. Many people I knew who did flax have since switched; many said they made the switch because flax (even ground) was frequently tough on their stomachs. Flax is high in indigestible fiber, so it makes sense. For a lot of other people it isn't an issue though, so YMMV there.
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Just to be clear - you're looking for frozen yogurt (in the title) -- is this correct?

Healthy probably means the least amount of added sugar and other sweeteners. You might need to take a run through your actual Kroger because the various stores seem to have different offerings as well as some local brands that might be the best choice.
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Response by poster: Has anyone tried Fage Total 0%? I'm pretty sure that's available locally, and I'd be adding fresh fruit and either flax or chia seeds. I want to keep the calorie count as low as possible, but still have some fiber.
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I've tried Fage Total 0% and buy it regularly. It's available at Costco, is pretty affordable, keeps for a long time, and tastes good to me.
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So -- not frozen yoghurt? I've never seen a plain unsweetened frozen yoghurt in my life. Even the "plain" that frozen yoghurt stands get in frozen bricks is sweetened.

(I don't think acidic was suggesting DIY yoghurt, but DIY freezing?)
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Fage 0% is delicious in my book.
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Re fibre substitutes, I've used Benefibre in the past. It's a white powder that you stir in to drinks or soft foods, where it vanishes. It's also completely tasteless. 100g is 200kcal, the recommended dosage (2tsp which contains 3g of fibre) is 8kcal. It's made from wheat dextrin and is gluten free (less than 10 ppm).
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I would just go to Kroger and read the labels on the frozen yogurt. They will all have some fat and a fairly scary amount of sugar unless you get one that is artificially sweetened.
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Your title asks for frozen yogurt. All frozen yogurt has added sugar or sweetener.

If you want regular (non-frozen) yogurt then there are lots of no-added sugar options on the market.

Can you clarify?
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Has anyone tried Fage Total 0%

Sure, I eat it often. It isn't frozen yoghurt, as per your title -- it's refrigerated. It's also quite thick, which might take some getting used to if you relative is expecting Dannon or the like.
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I make my own yogurt and occasionally add flax powder as part of my breakfast.

Ground flax/chia will very aggressively absorb liquid. Adding it to Greek style yogurt will partially solidify it and leave a gritty texture, since the whey and most of the water fluid was already removed before packaging. Mixing approx. 1 tbsp flax to 8 oz runny yogurt will give it the consistency of paste. YMMV, yogurts are all different.

Not saying this to discourage you -- after all, I know this and I still eat it -- but be aware that it's not going to go unnoticed.
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If you're talking about regular yogurt and not frozen yogurt then I would recommend Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt which you can get with 0% fat if that's what you're going for. I think it's not quite as thick (and usually slightly less expensive) than Fage, but it still has the benefit of being high protein and low calorie, plus it also has live cultures which are supposed to be really good for you. I don't know about Kroger in particular, but in most grocery stores you can get either single serving sizes or the larger tubs.

I've tried mixing flax seed into greek yogurt, and I really didn't like the effect that it had on the texture, but YMMV. I think mixing the plain yogurt with some fresh fruit would be really tasty. I also like adding a bit of honey or mixing in a little vanilla yogurt to add a little sweetness, but this might not be necessary if you're adding fruit.
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My mistake - I realized you specified 'frozen' yogurt, not regular yogurt. I can't think of a single 'plain' variety of frozen yogurt - I've never encountered one. Vanilla is as plain as I've seen. That said, Stonyfield Organics Oikos 0% Greek Frozen Yogurt (Vanilla) may be an option. It should be available at Kroger since Stonyfield is a fairly well-known national brand. Stonyfield/Oikos isn't the best yogurt brand in the world (Fage is #1 for me but YMMV) and the ingredients list isn't ideal - but the criteria is limiting and it checks off most of what you're looking for.

As for the fiber...I generally think chia are superior to flax, but a combination of ground flax and nuts sprinkled on top of the frozen yogurt is probably going to be better received here than chia seeds (which absorb liquid and are better suited to regular yogurt).
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You might think about stirring in some granola to add fiber. Look at the labels and choose one with higher fiber and/or protein and less sugar. I think some of the Kashi Go Lean Crunch varieties might be good, but look at other options, especially if your Kroger has a special section of "health food" (mine does) and read the labels.
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