Where to buy Astra Beer in NYC?
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Where can I buy Astra Beer in NYC? I'm sure it's available somewhere, but basic Googling hasn't turned up a specific store that has it. Before I start to make the rounds of all the beer stores in the area, I'd welcome suggestions of specific stores that are known to have it. Danke!
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I don't know if I'd be sure that a mediocre German lager is available here.

I'd call New Beer in Manhattan.

Carlsberg lists these guys as the importer for their brands in the US and they don't appear to carry Astra in their book -so I'd call them first.
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Call/try Best Market on Frederick Douglass at 118th.
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I checked the Untappd App on my phone, and even when I changed the distance to 30mile radius, it couldn't find anywhere that had it. Not that it's a comprehensive listing, but just a data point for you to consider.
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And ratebeer.com has it for sale in Alabama and Illinois.
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Best answer: I actually work at the beer distributor that handles all St. Killian imports in NYC, so unfortunately i can tell you as a fact that it is not available.
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Response by poster: Annd this is why one AsksMetafilter first. Thanks everyone.
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