Is this nighttime dental guard made of safe materials?
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I've been using a Dentek dental guard for my nighttime teeth grinding and clenching. My concern is whether it's safe for long-term use. The website says it's made of EVA and EMA, which I'm guessing are ethylene-vinyl acetate and ethyl methyl acrylate.

Are these materials commonly used in mouth guards? What are the guards you get from a dentist made of? I feel a million times better since I've started using it - no more severe headaches or jaw pain - so I definitely need a guard of some sort.
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Mine is made of hard acrylic. Like, I can drop it on the floor or tap my teeth on it and it goes 'clink'. It was made using a mold of my teeth at the dentist's and fits perfectly. It was expensive, but totally worth the cost. I 100% recommend you get a professionally-made one.
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I should add that I have severe bruxism, and would literally chew through the kind you are using, so I had no option anyways. But it was still worth it.
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I think I mostly clench my teeth, and I only slightly grind my front teeth. So these guards have been holding up for me pretty well in the few months that I've used them. I've replaced mine once in that time.
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Not exactly an answer to your question, but if it helps...

I was getting my cleaning at the dentist yesterday and overheard my dentist talking to another patient about nightguards, and he suggested using the drugstore ones for a while to see if a nightguard would help before having a custom one made, or even as a permanant solution if it worked very well. My dentist is not just a regular DDS, but a DMD and a magical wizard with teeth and dental appliances who doesn't upsell anything.

I had a look at your links, and since those polymers seem to be used in all kinds of other medical thingies including implantables, I'm pretty sure you're going to be ok even if you use one 24/7. Dentek doesn't want a class action suit for this, so they've probably done due diligence on safety.

On the other hand, if you're paying $20 for one every couple of months, you might want to spring for a nice permanant one from the dentist anyway.
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If you happen to have an old retainer from having braces, you might be able to wear that. My dentist recently told me that new studies have suggested retainers can work as well.
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Thanks for the answers everyone, they have been helpful.
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