All the hotels are FULL ON TUESDAY
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All the hotels in my area are booked solid on Tuesday night, full to capacity. I don't hotel often, but this strikes me as unusual. Why Tuesday?
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Is there an event in your city? A convention or concert or something? In my experience that is usually the explanation.
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You can't get a hotel room in San Francisco for love or money during Dreamforce.

So what date and what city?
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Usually a sporting event, a convention, religious gathering, or some sort of natural disaster nearby. Call the local chamber of commerce or city hall and ask.
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Why Tuesday?

I suggest asking them. If they're packed solid on a weeknight they probably know why.
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I agree with Jessamyn. Call their front desk. It's not classified information why a hotel books up, and they're happy to tell you why they can't take your sweet, sweet money at this time.
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Tomorrow Tuesday, next Tuesday, or all Tuesdays always?
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Business travel. (Source - sister who works in hotels).
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Yeah Tuesdays are big for business travel. For one thing, airfares are generally lower for Tuesday travel. For another, it's near the beginning of the business week, so a lot can get done, and the hosts have had Monday to prepare.
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This is the last week before a lot of people have to go back to school/work. So maybe last minute vacations?
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Tourists? This week in the UK, Monday was a public holiday, and it's still the school summer holidays, so it's a big week for families going on holiday (since parents only need to use 4 days off from work).
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Agree with trip and a half. My husband and I moved cross-country and tried to get a room in Junction City, KS on a Monday night. Nothing available at the first four hotels we tried. The clerk shrugged and said, business travel.
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I live in a college town, and hotels tend to get full this whole week with parents dropping their freshman kids off and helping them move in.
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Tuesday and Wednesday are the busiest nights for hotels as far as business travelers are concerned.

Also, I didn't even think about the back-to-college thing.
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Labor Day is Monday. Maybe people are taking advantage of the last long weekend before school starts and making it a bit longer for a trip with their children.
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