Personal Finance for the 30-something
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I'm looking for personal finance blogs for single people in their 30s. Recommend your favorites!

I love reading personal finance blogs, particularly Get Rich Slowly, You Need a Budget, and The Billfold. However, a lot of the advice on these blogs isn't necessarily geared towards someone in my demographic. I'm not a fresh grad out of school, but I'm not married with kids. I'm not thinking about mortgages, but I'm not struggling to survive, either.

I want to read more perspectives from my peers. Where are they?
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These aren't really blogs, but the YNAB (budgeting software) forums have a journal section if you have made an account and signed in. You can favorite the threads of the journals you want to follow and get notified by email when they update.
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Bogleheads. There are people of all ages on this forum, and I only wish that I had this at my disposal when I was in my 30s. No doubt it would have saved me a lot of money.
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I really enjoy Mr. Money Mustache
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Seconding, I peruse the forums fairly often for random topics that might interest me and I learn a lot, though it is mostly concerned with investing for retirement.
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Michelle Singletary of the Washington Post has great personal financial advice directed to people of all ages as well as a weekly live chat open to all! She also has written books -- surely available at your local library -- that are worth a read.
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Million Dollar Ninja. A guy making decent (but not great) money who has never been able to save... He writes about the steps he took to turn his finances around and get smart with money and start saving... writes about books he would recommend (or not), other blogs he reads, and how anyone can and should start to invest (and how to invest smartly), even if they start out with < $1000 to invest.
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Johnny Moneyseed is pretty good, although he's been getting a little ... uh, commercial... lately.

I also like Two Cents.
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The Motley Fool is a nice community for retirement planning, investing, and other money issues. There's a Community discussion board section here.
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