Instagram Aces, international metropolitan edition
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New York Magazine had a short piece the other day about some street photographers in NYC who post some jaw-dropping stuff on Instagram. I've really been enjoying following their feeds --- so now I'm wondering, what about the other great cities of the world? NYC can't have a monopoly on cool cityscapes. Can y'all hook me up with some other great Instagram accounts to follow? From Paris to Lagos to Phnom Penh, I'm interested.

I especially enjoy the nighttime, ariel shots, and the ones from unusual angles/perspectives --- shots that brings across the character of a place. Good eye for how to work lurid street lighting and reflections are also nifty.
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I've seen a lot of Russians doing this. Kirill Oreshkin is one example.
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In a similar vein (but Ukrainian), I follow Vitaliy Raskalov (Also rooftop stuff. He gets around a LOT).
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griffinlamb posts amazing photos of the pacific nw
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I'm not sure whether he has an instagram account but James' stuff is great: ...oh, actually, he does:

Grand Central sometimes has outside shots as well (such as this one: and I almost always love NY On Air's pictures and videos:

Also, this isn't instagram but great nonetheless:
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