Boston-area project mgmt - need help setting up AND sticking to a system
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I need a professional in the greater Boston area to help me set up a project management system for myself AND stick to it. I can't do this on my own. (Is this a life coach? A personal organizer? An executive coach? What job title I should be searching for? I already have a therapist. I want some kind of organization specialist.)

I don't have a solid project management "system", and it's driving me nuts. I'm sick committing myself to too many projects, not having a clear idea of what's really on my plate, pulling all-nighters, starting emails with "Sorry for this delayed reply!", fumbling through multiple to-do lists, and leaving things stacked in visible piles because I'll forget to do them if I file them away. Somehow I've been scraping by with a very busy productive life, but I know it's making me miserable and it's not sustainable.

I'm also sick of trying different solutions and never getting anything to stick long-term: Getting Things Done, Trello, self-help books, etc. I can't do this on my own. I need external help and accountability to set up a system and build the habits. My house, belongings, and finances are organized. It's my project list and to-do lists that are a shambles.

I want a professional to help me set up an appropriate system and then help me sustain it with regular check-ins and assessments.

Is there any service like this in the greater Boston area? And what is the job title I should be searching for - life coach? Personal organizer? Executive coach? I already have a therapist.
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In the gentlest possible way: have you ever been screened for ADHD? The "keep stuff visible" is what is flagging me to suggest this. While a project management system may help, if you do have ADHD or an associated issue, then medication for it may be the most life changing "system" of all. Something to talk to your therapist about, perhaps?
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Yeah - I'm pretty damn sure I've got ADHD, though I've never been clinically diagnosed, and I've talked about it with my therapist. Meds could definitely help a lot! But I'd also like to get pro help for establishing a project management framework, though. I'm tired of fumbling around trying to put a system in place on my own. Thanks!
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Sent you a MefiMail.
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I just hired a personal organizer (for household organizing) and now I'm a big fan of all professional organizers. I did a search on Yelp. A lot of the ones I saw on Yelp seemed to have experience doing project organizing and professional services etc. so take a look on there. The one I hired was fantastic. (Chicago, alas, but perhaps she could help you remotely?)
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What about a personal assistant or secretary? Make it someone else's problem and you get to free up more brain space to work on the actual projects.
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