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I'm toying with the idea of DIYing a version of this ceiling lamp. Can anyone tell me the technical name for the pivoting/rotating/swiveling T joints, as Googling combinations of that phrase is not giving me similar connectors?

The lamp reminds me of the Tinkertoys connectors and end caps. I'd prefer metal versions over PVC.

Please note that I cannot hop down to my local Lowes/Home Depot as I live in Italy and am currently laid up in bed for the rest of the week.

Thanks for any tips and help.
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Best answer: I think the conduit in that lamp is fabricated specifically for that lamp. I am not sure you can just buy something similar.

As an electrician, I would strongly caution you against going out and just buying any old tube that looks pretty. You should be using electrical conduit when running electricity. This is a life-safety, fire-hazard thing.

I think you best bet for conduit is EMT (electrical metallic tubing). You can paint it any color you want. The fitting that you would use to change direction is called an LB. Here are examples of LBs. Home Depot and Lowes sell plenty of this stuff.
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Best answer: There's a popular mobile-like chandelier kit designed by Lindsey Adelman that made the rounds on design blogs a while back; the parts are all sourced from a place called Grand Brass. I don't see anything similar on their catalog page for "swivels" but maybe you'll find some other ideas on one of those pages.
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