Volvo Overseas Delivery
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Have you taken advantage of the Volvo Overseas Delivery program, or know someone who has? What was the experience like?

This program seems too good to be true. Is there some aspect to this that makes it a bad idea? Absent the obvious necessity that you're privileged enough to be able to schedule the time, what else is there to consider?

If you were doing this, would you plan a trip itinerary through the Volvo people, or try and arrange it yourself?
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We asked about this when we bought our Volvo a few years ago. The salesman seemed to be very straightforward about stuff in general. He said the "catch" was really just that people need to be able to have the time off to take the vacation and to be able to fund the vacation outside of what they cover (which is just airfare and one night of accommodations). A couple of other considerations would be that you can actually wait to get your new vehicle and yet can close on the car right away (if you are trading in and need the money there could be complications with how to manage the interim between when you need to do the deal and when you actually get your new car). Also, when the car is shipped back any damage in transit is something you have to work out via your own insurance. Apparently it's not unusual for cars to get bumps and dings en route on a shipping boat.

Enjoy if you do it!!
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My company's senior engineer is a repeat customer for the Overseas Delivery program. He grew up in Oslo so he's comfortable driving in northern Europe.

Every 3 to 5 years he goes back to Norway to visit friends and family for a month, so the program is ideal. He gets to show up in his hometown in a shiny new car, he doesn't have to rent one for the vacation, and it's a pretty swank limo/hotel/factory tour.

I think he arranges his trade-in so that he doesn't turn the old Volvo over until the new one arrives by boat.
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My coworker did this and she and her husband had a blast. They did their own thing after picking up the car. I think the catch really is just the resources (time/money/interest) you have to have to do it.
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I can't give you specifics, or give an opinion about whether it's a "good deal" in a strictly financial sense or not, but a friend of mine did this with his family several years ago when his wife wanted a new car. They had nothing but good things to say about it.
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I have family members who did this a while ago and loved it, no catches or caveats. They felt like they saved money on a vacation they would have done anyway and got the car they wanted at the same time.
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I fly to Gothenburg a week from tomorrow with my wife and baby to pick up our car. Will keep you posted :-)

We are really not planning on driving much in the car. Mostly using it for the free flight. We are actually flying into Gothenburg but back from London. They helped with the flights. The London thing is nice because we fly BA which has nice accommodations for a baby.

Me mail me if you want any particulars on the purchase. It really has been simple, no haggling on price and we we're able to pick out a few options individually (heated seats) without having to get an entire package (cold weather package - or something like that). My understanding is that Volvo is now just shipping a used car as opposed to importing a new one so the reduction in import fees does make it a win win for both sides.
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One follow on note. Volvo seems to have greatly reduced the number of options on the car we bought (V60) so the whole cold weather thing is no longer applicable.

We actually initially bought the car at a strange time they were transitioning from the 2015 to a 2015 1/2 model (yes 2015.5) and were re-arranging the option packages so we had to go by the existing packages to figure out our car but knew it would be converted into the new package options for the final car)
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