What is the best option for an air travel gift card?
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What is the best way to give a gift card to help pay for plane tickets for domestic US travel? It can't tie the recipient down to a particular airline and it must be a gift card, so please don't tell me to give cash. That would obviously be best.
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Best answer: Credit card companies now offer prepaid cash cards which are safer to handle and you can even add more value to them. Here's the US Visa version but all the companies are doing it.
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Response by poster: Thank, that may be it. One question: will things work out if the cash card doesn't cover the whole cost? I.e., can you buy a $300 plane ticket with a $200 cash card and $100 on your personal credit card?
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Best answer: Shortly after posting this, we talked the gift recipients into just picking out a flight and letting us put it on our credit card. That's not really an answer to the question I posted, but I'm going to go ahead and mark it best answer anyway.
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Umm, some airlines require you to present the credit card when checking in, or some kind of authorization for its use, if the passenger is not the card holder. Please check, it has happened to me twice.
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Response by poster: I checked. Here is what American Airlines says:

Q: Can I make a reservation for anyone?

A: Yes, to book a reservation for someone other than yourself, enter their name in the "Enter Passenger Details" box. If your name already appears, type over it with the name of the actual passenger(s). Also, if your AAdvantage number appears, don't forget to either remove it or replace it with the passengers' AAdvantage number(s).

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The only time I've had to present a credit card when I checked in for a flight is when I use the self-service check-in terminals. If my ticket was purchased by someone else (e.g. for a job interview, or if I've been with a volunteer group where the group booked 30 tickets on the same flight), I've had to go to an actual human being at the airport check-in counter. In those cases, I've only been asked for photo ID, to be sure I was the person whose name was on the ticket.
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I'll also confirm that the "use your card" check in is not looking at the credit card number to find your reservation. I have successfully used a different card to check in on several different airlines.
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