Looking for the bootie equivalent of Worishofer sandals
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I have issues with my feet/legs, namely weak, constantly twisting ankles and a heavy step that destroys shoes. The first problem was solved when I discovered these insanely comfortable Worishofer sandals earlier this summer. Now I need to find a pair of booties that are just as comfortable for the fall/winter. Please help!

My primary objective is comfort, though style is a close second. I would love if I didn't also destroy the shoes within three months but that may not be possible.

I'm terrible at sussing out which shoes are comfortable and which are not, so I need your expertise! I've browsed some orthopedic booties but have no idea which brands are actually worth it. (Also, many of them are...not particularly attractive.) I'd like to keep it under $100 bucks, $175 tops if I don't have to buy new ones after one season.

Some examples of styles I like, though I'm not limited to these: Bass Porter Bootie, Canton Gold (!) booties, David Tate Modern Booties. (These are just presented for style ideas. I have no idea if they're comfortable at all, as stated previously.)

Black or metallics are preferred. Brands or specific shoes would be much appreciated. I live in NYC so if there are any brick and mortar shops I should go check out, please let me know!
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Have you thought about classic eight-hole Doc Martens? They're not exactly like the styles you linked to but you cannot whack them for ankle support, and comfort once they are worn in, and I believe they are newly in style again.
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I sing the praises of Naot shoes often, because they deserve to be better known. They are not cheap, but last for years (tested by me with a lab job where I was on my feet all day and I am not the most delicate of creatures). Their Mistral bootie is right up your alley style-wise, but have a look also at Lucky, Advance, Baccio, and Oyster.

A quick googling shows me that there are numerous outlets in NYC that carry Naot shoes.
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I second Naot, and refer you to the Barking Dog Shoes blog, although their definition of "stylish" is a bit broad IMO. But you'll get a good sense of supportive, comfort-first brands that are lesser-known. If you wear a standard size (US 6-10), you'll have more choices among the more affordable brands that hover closer to $100 than $200.

Of the shoes you linked, the only one that I would bet on for comfort is David Tate. Bass is padded but not particularly supportive in my experience, and Volatile is pretty affordable-fashion-oriented at the expensive of comfort and/or quality.
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Dansko makes a bunch of ankle boots. I have and love my pair of Buffy boots.
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