LCD TV is unhappy
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My Samsung LA37B530 has developed a pale cast to the image as though the brightness was set too high, and the smoothing of some colours is also not up to sniff. Basically, it no longer looks like proper HDTV. In the event that it was inadvertently adjusted, I reset it to standard factory settings. The problem persists. Any bright ideas? Thanks!
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On All inputs?
Does the on screen display/menu also have this problem?

If even the menu has the problem, and a factory reset doesn't work, im not sure what else can be done, but try and get it repaired. Unless its under warranty, check out new tvs.

You could also google to see if theres a hidden service menu, in case theres anything useful there, but im not hopeful.
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Response by poster: The onscreen display is as normal, but otherwise the problem is the same across all inputs.
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Indirect suggestion: take the question to avsforum?
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You could update the firmware to the latest version in the event that it was some sort of bug that got fixed (I can't find the changelog for the latest firmware to confirm the changes) but I suspect it's a failure of the logic board or some critical part which might end up being too expensive to diagnose and fix compared to replacing it with a new model.
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Have you tried different sources?

Many Samsung TVs have a "troubleshooting" image which can be displayed with a menu selection. Does that image look OK?

If the problem persists with the toubleshooting image, can you actually adjust the brightness to get a reasonable image? In many of these TVs there is a service menu which allows more significant adjustments - it's possible something is set really out of whack and a service adjustment might get you back in a watchable range...
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Response by poster: Unplugged the power cord for 5 minutes, plugged it back in and we're good!
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Response by poster: Crikey!
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Under warranty? If it happens again, call Samsung.
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