Animated short from the 70's
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Hoping someone can help me find this...

The short is about a man who sings the same boring, repetitive refrain throughout his entire life - the lyrics are these: "yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.... yeah yeah". I remember at one point his song seems to anger a group of villagers and they start throwing stones at him. I think they end up killing him. I do remember that they showed his grave at the end - a dirt mound with a cross on top. I don't think I'll ever forget this film, because I remember my brother saying "that's you" to me.

Anyway, the short seemed to be part of a tv show that had other animated films. I remember one of them being about Big John, a miner who died inside a coal mine when the roof collapsed on him. I got the impression these shorts were supposed to be geared towards children, even though the subject matter was kind of morbid in some of them. Would've been on US tv in the late 70's.
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Best answer: The Man Who Had to Sing?
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Best answer: Here it is on youtube.
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Response by poster: Wow! I don't know how you found that! Thank you.
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