Help ID an old (late 70s) cartoon with pollution & underground dwellers?
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My friend has asked me to help him identify a cartoon he remembers seeing sometime in the late 70s. According to him:It was about people who lived underground and they were trying to build up their civilization. It had a School House Rock feel to it. I think it had something to do with garbage/pollution.

There was a catchy song and I remember only parts of it...
We got to
build it up
We got to
build it up
(I'm not sure about the following...)
When the danger is here
And there's no one near
Build it up...
I think I saw it on PBS

Google-Fu has failed me. Any help?
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Star Blazers?
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Dreaming of Paradise? The plot sounds right, but it's from 1987.
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... I remember that song and that it was associated with a cartoon, but that's all! Will be watching this with interest!!
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Best answer: Your description tickled something in my brain!! It is the Nelvana Animation special "Intergalactic Thanksgiving."

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The song you are looking for is in Part 3.

My family had a VHS tape of Nelvana cartoons when I was a kid; my sister and I watched them over and over.
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