Leather notebook holder for A5 block, glue-bound on left?
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I really like Fabriano blocks - particularly the A5 dot-patterned paper that is glue-bound on the left side of the block (see here. I would like to get a leather (or other suitably durable material), A5-sized zipper-closing cover to hold one of these with writing implements (pen, pencil, and eraser)...

...something like this: (Fabriano boutique). However, that looks 1) insanely expensive for what I want, and 2) it doesn't look like it holds a side-bound block (it looks like it holds a top-bound block). Where can I get something appropriate?
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Response by poster: I'm in Europe, if that makes a difference.
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Have you tried Etsy? I didn't find anything for "Fabriano block holder" or "Fabriano leather" (that looked too promising), but many sellers will make custom items. You could look for leather notebook holders, find a seller whose wares you like, and ask them to create something for you.
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Cornelissen's do a range of leather objects here. They're an old-timey art shop in London, near the British Museum.
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Response by poster: I ended up getting this, which I'm happy with.
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