What breed of parrot is this?
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Arrived to a nearby mango tree, very obviously domesticated, adopted by us, now known as Mork. Likes sunflower seeds but not banana. What breed is it? See photo here
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Sure looks like a Green Parrot to me. Parrots are AWESOME! They live quite a long time too. You might want to post some FOUND posters in your neighborhood, be vague in your description so that people don't just try and hork him from you. You might also want to leave word with your local animal shelter. His human companions may be worried about him.
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S/he looks like a blue-fronted Amazon to me. I grew up with one and they are amazingly affectionate birds and just wonderful pets. S/he's a cutie!
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(And a baby in case you didn't know-- the eyes change to more of a yellow/ orange color as they age. Maybe part of a new clutch that got lost? :()
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Possibly a green conure. Agree with Ruthlss Bunny - parrot owners are very attached to their birds so it would be great if you could find his family.
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Looks like a Blue-crowned Parakeet. The bi-colored bill is a dead give away. Your bird also looks young. If you plan to keep him/her a bird pellet diet is best. Good luck, it is a real cutie.
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Pet parrots can be microchiped so you may want to see if you can get it scanned. Your vet or animal control will most likely do it for free.
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So we took the parrot to the local vet here in Cali (Colombia) and he told us that the government have cracked down on the illegal exotic fauna business and that it is illegal for us to keep Mork and that the penalties are more severe than for narco-trafficking! Had a fascinating chat with him, he had studied exotic species in Moscow and Berlin and written his Masters thesis on depression in zoo animals. He also told me to take Mork to the government department for exotic species where they will try to acclimatize Mork to living in the wild. He thinks Mork is a Brazilian breed but I didn't catch the name.
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Looks like a Pionus parrot to me.
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Also, you may want to look up the laws in California yourself-not all parrots are illegal to own in California, although I do know Quaker parakeets are...but there are plenty of legal/captive bred and born parrots that are of no legal consequence to own, even in CA...I'd probably try to look for his owners rather than turning him into the government. As a (legal) parrot owner, I'd be pretty devastated to have lost my bird. Also, I just did a google search for Pionus breeders in CA, and there are tons-that might be a better starting point than the government-thinking that this bird is going to be taken back to it's native country and re-acclimatized is incredibly naive of the vet, in my opinion. If the bird is a baby and that tame, it's probably a hand-fed baby, captive born, and pretty imprinted on humans, not birds...while not domestic, it's not really a wild animal at this point, in the sense of survival abilities.

I'd check out this site, it's a CA breeder who has a lost/found link right on the homepage!


Good luck!
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Ooops, thought when I saw Cali, you mean California! Have no idea about Columbia, so disregard my comments pertaining to that!
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THAT'S A PIONUS! Ahem. Sorry. That is an immature Pionus menstruus, aka blue-headed Pionus. They're delightful birds with surprisingly large personalities for such little beasts. (I'm a little surprised that your vet jumped to the assumption that it was smuggled or otherwise illicitly acquired. Is parrot breeding not a thing in Colombia? If I found an obviously-socialized bird, I would assume it had been a hand-fed baby.)
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