Who are the experts on retail customer experience?
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We want to learn all we can about making a customer's experience good (and probably profitable for us) while they are in a store. Is there a field of study for this? Are there iconic books? Favorite bloggers? Oft-cited research papers?

For context:
We have a few hundred physical stores where we sell internet-connected things and optional software that installs on those things.
We're not necessarily looking to understand "customer service" (or are we?). We are looking to understand positive retail experiences.
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You could try RetailWire as a place to start.
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You'll want to get to know Paco Underhill. He has also published a number of books.
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You have several hundred retail stores but don't have a retail training program? There's dozens of consulting firms that design training programs for retail employees.
Apple's secret manual
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Came in to suggest Paco Underhill but see also: James Gilmore and Joe Pine who coined the phrase "Experience Economy."
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You might search for "service design for retail" and see if anything catches your eye.
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If I'm doing my job well, this is your go-to resource (I'm the editor).
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