How to pick a name for my company
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I would like to pick a name for my construction company. I am living in Vancouver, Canada. I am looking for something tough and masculine as the industry itself. How can I find a catchy name which is not already taken? Also, I would like to use the word "development" instead of "construction" at the end of my company name (xyz development) Do you think it is a good idea since its more general?
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Company names are essentially marketing. Are you sure "tough and masculine" is better than some greenwash eco-sounding name?

On a more practical note, try to choose something that is easy to understand over the phone, hard to misspell, and has an available domain name.
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What ryanrs said, plus something really easy to pronounce.

The answer will also depend heavily on the names of similar companies operating in the area.

Also, are there any distinctive geographical features where your company is located, which could be incorporated into the name?
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J├Ągermeister Development

Aquiline Development

Tensile-tone Development

Measured Maple Development

Riptide Development

Granite Creek Development

Uptime Development

Fortitude Development

(I don't know nothin' about birthin' no babies or domain names, etc.)
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In Juneau, AK, it is very common to name a company after a geographic feature. We have Silverbow Basin, Perseverance Basin, Gastineau Strait, Taku Inlet, etc. Business names include Sliverbow Bagels, Perseverance Glass, Gastineau Guides, Taku Graphics, etc. Perhaps there is some rather poetic sounding geographic feature near you that you could use. I think they always sound grand and classic, like the places they are named after.
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VBC Development (or VBCD for short)
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VBC just makes me think of "VBAC" (vaginal birth after cesarean). Just sayin'... YMMV.

I vote with FoamPants on this one.
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BzzzBangBangBang Development
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To me " Development" means you only do huge projects so I would not call you to build me a new back porch. Which is fine if that is your market.
How about Hammer Construction?
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To me, "development" sounds less like general contracting and more like your business is focused on, like, leveling large swaths of land to set up new subdivisions, like so.

Per Foam Pants' suggestion, how about Crown Mountain1 Construction? It pegs you as a local, it's easy to remember, easy to pronounce, and both "crown" and "mountain" sound pretty dang tough.
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I am not in your industry; however, 'development' sounds like you are a developer (i.e. in the land development business) and not a general contractor (i.e. you construct residential or business facilities).
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In addition to the above...

How will people discover your business?...if they might encounter you online via search consider using words in your name that are common search terms.

Avoid names the sound like offensive people cannot so easily mock you if they have a bad experience.

Position yourself as something different by not just blending into the kind of name that is typical in the industry. Stand out and be memorable...just not offensive or something that undermines your credibility.

You might check possible name ideas with current customers that are in your target demographic. They may respond differently than your friends, co-workers, or people on Metafilter.
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'Bedrock Development'
'Bedrock Builders'
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Aim for a company name that makes you seem bigger than you actually are and always drive a clean work vehicle that markets your company in a classy way. This lesson was learned when my friend changed from Scott's Handyman Service and his rusty Toyota 4Runner to XXXXCraft Builders, Inc. and a new Ford F-150 with tasteful graphics. Business bloomed soon after. Also, adding an S to the end of the company name can be a tricky way of making people believe you are bigger than you are.....

Pacific Partners and Developments
Islander Construction
(Last Name) & Sons Restorations
Spruce Tree Renovations
Big Maple Builders
Straits Constructors
3Arch Rock Remodelings
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You're in Vancouver?

Lions Construction
Black Tusk Development
Black Diamond Development
Siwash Development
Brockton Development
Grandview Construction
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Bent Nail Building Company
Sands Development
BST Development (Blood, Sweat and Tears)
Great Northern Development
360 Development
Strait Construction (pun on Georgia Strait)

That's all I have for inspiration.
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How about Hammer Construction?
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HammerTime Construction
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I would go for the slightly cheeky Vancouver Special Development.
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Nancy Friedman is a professional name developer. You may want to read some of her posts. Here's a good starting point: How to Evaluate a Corporate or Product Name
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