UK wine drinker wanting to save money!
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Looking for somewhere online that sells cheap wine by the box. Anyone recommend a good website?

I've realised that I can save money by bulk buying coffee. A crate (6x1kg) works out at about half the price of Sainsbury's. Now I'm trying to do the same with my wine.

My tastes are on the basic side, Jacob's Creek and Banrock Station. The problem I have is that most sites I've looked at will do a nice deal on a case of bottles of fine wine. But it still doesn't work out any better value than the 2 for £10 deal at my local offie, and I'm not a wine buff at all.

Box wine seems the way to go, but even then the 2.25L boxes most supermarkets sell only save about £1 per bottle and no further discount for bulk orders. Surely there's a site that lets me order a lot of boxes to get the price right down?

Disclaimer: large order is to last a long time...this does not count as evidence of a drink problem!
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We need to drive to Calais periodically, is the only answer...

(Love you xx)
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Maybe look at somewhere like Majestic?
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