Riding an electric horse?
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This week I am trying to ID a folk song from Sweden. Google, Musipedia and Baidu (the book is a Chinese music book) all are of no help. The title of the song is the title of this question. Here is a youtube link to the song. Thanks for your help!
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Best answer: The last bit sounds slightly like Jungfru Skär to me. That song is about a merry-go-round, which might potentially explain the electric horse...?

I'm widely known for being quite tone deaf, however... What is the name of the song in Chinese...? Does the book not say anything about who wrote the song?
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Response by poster: Actually I think you got it yonglin -- I've listened to Jungfru Skar videos on YT and it might be this song, just that it was poorly transcribed into the book. Thanks!
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